Name: Mike Sheffer

Stats: 5’9” 185lbs

Born: Vancouver, BC September 22, 1990

Favourite healthy meal: NY Striploin, yams and asparagus

Favourite cheat meal: Any pizza with lots of bacon

In my gym bag you would find: my entire pharmacy of supplements 😂

On my rest day I: Netflix and eat pizza

My favourite quote/saying: Work smarter, not harder

My training playlist looks like: Rap - Lil Wayne, G-Easy, J Cole, Cardi B

Favourite muscle to train: Chest

My motivation comes from: My promise to myself to be a little bit better each day

Goals: Become an IFBB pro through the natural stream  

Name: Tyler De La Paz

IG handle: @tylerdelapaz_

Stats: 5’5  165lbs

Born: Vancouver  1990

Favourite healthy meal: Protein powder + cream of rice 

Favourite cheat meal: Burger + Fries

In my gym bag you would find: Hypervolt, bands, shaker cups

On my rest day I: Sleep

My favourite quote/saying: “can’t stop won’t stop”

My training playlist looks like: Rock, rap, edm

Favourite muscle to train: Chest

My motivation comes from: The fitness community

Goals: Become an Ifbb pro


Name: Shea Jackson

IG handle: @Sheajacksfit

Stats: 5”4 112 (basically a little bean)

Born: Vancouver 1995

Favourite healthy meal: cod and green beans 😍

Favourite cheat meal: all you can eat wings

In my gym bag: resistance bands, every nutrabolics product, headphones

On my rest day i: Meal prep Sunday!!! Hang out on patios with friends

Favourite quote/saying: the difference between wanting and achieving is discipline

My training play list: ski mask the slump dog 😂

Favourite muscle to train: shoulders!

Motivation comes from: I believe you should always be striving to be your best in all aspects of life!

Goals: competing 2020, published fitness model and happy healthy living my best life!


Name: Jewels

IG handle: @xjewelss

Stats: 5'3" & 137lbs

Born: Tbllisi, Georgia April 7th 1992 (27)

Favourite healthy meal: 

Favourite cheat meal: blue cheese burger & fries 

In my gym bag you would find:

On my rest day I:

My favourite quote/saying: tequila solves everything 

My training playlist looks like: Gucci, Off Set, Tyga

Favourite muscle to train: Bootyyy

My motivation comes from: 


Name: Maxwell Stobbe

IG handle: @Maxwelltannerstobbe

Stats: 5’9 190lbs

Born: Vancouver, Dec 1, 1991

Favourite healthy meal: A nice juicy steak

Favourite cheat meal: An even juicer burger

In my gym bag you would find: A whole bunch of pills

On my rest day: I’ll be on some adventure

My favourite quote/saying: “life’s just better when your shirts off”

My training playlist looks like: all hiphop

Favourite muscle to train: Back

My motivation comes from: I like to look good naked

Goals: Get the full ink body suit

Name: Brady Newett

IG handle: @Bradynewwy

Stats: 6'1 210lbs

Born: Weyburn 1993

Favourite healthy meal: Steak and asparagus

Favourite cheat meal: Burgers

In my gym bag: Shoes headphones and water 

On my rest day I: Hike my dog, and relax

Favourite quote/saying: go hard or go home

My training play list: rap, trap

Favorite muscle to train: Arms

Motivation comes from: My haters

Goals: Be the best version of me
And strive to be even better

Name: Billy Huston

IG Handle: @Billyhugeston

Stats: 5’10” 195lb

Born: Vancouver / 1987 / 32 yrs

Favourite healthy meal: Tuna poke

Favourite healthy meal: Perogies

In my gym bag: You know how woman have that drawer or closet they kind of just shove anything and everything into to make it disappear...that’s my gym bag.

On my rest day I: On the water or hiking some mountain with my pups.

Favourite quote/saying: It’s ok to be happy with yourself but never settle. Stay hungry because everyday not bettering yourself in some way is a day wasted.

My training play list: On the day and mood. Shit, sometimes I’ll be rocking some tiny dancer. Everyday is different.

Motivation comes from: My motivation is easy, not letting Mike Sheffer catch up.

Goals: My goal is to live my happiest and healthiest life possible, Mind and body. Positivity, spread that shit it’s contagious.